Integrated interstitial blinds incorporated in double glazed units supplied in Northern and Southern Ireland and UK

Integrated Blinds-Perfect for BiFolding Doors

Forget about conventional blinds and curtains and think about the many advantages of Integrated Blinds in your Bifolding and Patio Doors and,of course,any type of double glazed windows

These clever blinds are available as venetian or pleated blinds and are carefully and securely fitted between the glass panes of a conventional 28mm Double Glazed Unit.

As the blinds are sealed into the glass unit they remain pristine clean and dust free  and stay that way for years to come without any form of maintainence at all. This obviously makes for an extremely hygenic and effective glazed blind unit.

The blinds are controlled by magnetic devices that operate through the glass and can control the blind to operate exactly the same as a conventional blind with all the usual functions. Control of the operating magnets can be by a corded device attached to the surface of the glass or by a control knob or by electric motor with optional remote control.

All Blinds are individually made to size and factory fitted in a dust free enviroment into their exact size double glazed unit.

The double glazed unit can be made from a wide choice of thermally efficient glass and indeed because of the integrated blinds will be even more energy efficient than a double glazed unit not incorporating blinds


Integrated Blinds are ideal for BiFolding and Patio Doors as well as Conservatories and of course in Offices ,Hospitals,Clinics and Public Buildings. As well as obviously keeping the Sun at bay they give essential privacy and security from prying eyes.

Blinds are equally useful inside as well as outside and fulfill valuable functions in privacy where hygiene is essential. They are also invaluable in situations where conventional curtains or blinds may present a danger to children and various types of hospital patients as the blinds can be arranged to be controlled by only authorised persons.


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there are many uses for integrated blinds

  • Integrated blinds for home extensions
  • integrated blinds for bifolding doors
  • integrated blinds for sliding patio doors
  • integrated blinds for aluminium windows
  • integrated blinds for upvc windows
  • integrated blinds for offices
  • integrated blinds for schools
  • integrated blinds for hospitals
  • integrated blinds for laboratories